Rancho Deluxe

The Rancho Deluxe is one of our newest models and is the largest portable corral on the market. Designed for large capacities, it boasts the ability to form multiple pens for sorting and gathering. 

Super Large

Specifications Super Large
Capacity with hydraulic adjustable alley 140–150 pair /
280–300 yearlings / 300 800 wt
Man-pass gates—no climbing 4
Bow gates for sorting 4
Main frame/alley length 24′
16″ Transport wheels on main frame 2
2 3/8″ pipe braces
Solid rubber wheels on each panel
Chain on end panels
18′ Panels, 6′ tall 15
8′ Panel, 6′ tall 2
10′ Bow gate 2
Palpation / access gates in alley 2
‘No back’ in alley 1
32″ Alley exit gate 1
Length when open 175′
Self-contained power unit / battery
Gooseneck with a sheeted alley
20 Watt solar panel
*new corral design for more capacity about to hit the market