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Rawhide Portable Corrals

by John McDonald

#1 Selling Portable Corral on Wheels

Standard Rawhide classic

Rawhide Portable Corral introduces the new and improved Rawhide Classic corral with a number of advantages and features that you’ll love.

We are currently rolling out this updated design – so as we confirm our features and get new images they’ll be posted. 

Rawhide Original
Rawhide Original - Transport
Specifications Standard Classic

40-50 pair

80-100 yearlings

Man-pass gates—no climbing 4
Bow gates for sorting 3
Main frame/alley length 24′
16″ Transport wheels on main frame
2 3/8″ pipe braces
Solid rubber wheels on each panel
Chain on end panels
20′ Panels, 6′ tall 9
8′ Panel, 6′ tall 2
10′ Bow gate 3
32” Alley exit gate 1
Length when open 75′
Self-contained power unit / battery
20 Watt solar panel